Mordecai Richler

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Noun1.Mordecai Richler - Canadian novelist (born in 1931)
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A Mordecai Trisler B Mordecai Worcei C Mordecai Proslei D Mordecai Richler 5.
Without that incentive, Jack was not sure he would have made it to Baron Byng High School, where he first met Mordecai Richler.
Not the posh restaurant in the hotel famous for its luxurious guest service, succulent smoked salmon, and legendary patronage by Montreal writer Mordecai Richler, single malt whiskey in one hand, cigar in the other, book open before him--Joshua then and even now to me--the raconteur crying down the absurd walls of The Establishment, Francophone and Anglophone alike.
Henry Kreisel, Mordecai Richler, and Adele Wiseman published debut novels in 1948, 1954, and 1956, respectively.
His recent publications include an ebook on George Woodcock (co-edited with Matthew Gruman) and essays on the activist figure in the novels of Joy Kogawa and on allegories of national sacrifice in the novels of Mordecai Richler.
Farmer Cliff Morgan Mordecai Richler Gordon Stuart's last portrait of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas
The determination to write had set in with adolescence and Munro got her start through a radio show called Anthology, produced by Robert Weaver, who nurtured such other talents as Mordecai Richler and Mavis Gallant.
A saber la o las razonese pero encuentro en los relatos de Rebanadas, el mas reciente libro de Naief Yehya--escritor quizas mas conocido por sus incisivos y reveladores ensayos sobre tecnologias, vida digital y pornografia--, una cierta condicion de habitar los mismos extremos literarios que la narrativa breve de Saul Bellow y, sobre todo, de los primeros cuentos, y novelas de mi paisano, el siempre mordaz e implacable Mordecai Richler, alla en la vieja e indomita calle de Saint Urbain, oriundo tan arraigado como huidizo de mi ciudad natal.
MORDECAI RICHLER, in his book The Street (1969), unwittingly provides a succinct summation of David Levy's new book: "These, remember, were the roseate years when commie traitor Fred Rose, out M.
Year after year, the only big news at the end of the year is that Canadian film didn't do well at the box office," says Telefilm topper Carolle Brabant, who notes that two films last year--"Incendies" and the Mordecai Richler adaptation "Barney's Version"--took home 52 awards around the world and had a combined international gross of $35 million.
From Juvenal to Samuel Johnson to Mordecai Richler, the tradition of satire to which Riche contributes typically attacks society with powerful indignation.
Foran is the author most recently of the biography of Mordecai Richler, another iconic Montrealer.