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(ˌmɔːdəˈkaɪ; ˈmɔːdəˌkaɪ)
1. (Biography) Old Testament the cousin of Esther who averted a massacre of the Jews (Esther 2–9)
2. (Bible) Old Testament the cousin of Esther who averted a massacre of the Jews (Esther 2–9)
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(ˈmɔr dɪˌkaɪ, -ˌxaɪ)

the cousin of Esther who delivered the Jews from the destruction planned by Haman. Esther 2–8.
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Poskim who rule that Poskim who rule that Poskim who hold that the genetic mother the nurturing mother the halakhic defnition (the egg donor) is the (surrogate) is the cannot be resolved, halakhic mother halakhic mother hence both women are mothers l'humra Rabbi Shlomo Goren Rabbi Yehudah Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rabbi ?vadiah Yosef Waldenberg (*) Auerbach Rabbi Shlomo Amar Rabbi Shaul Yisraeli Rabbi Shalom Yosef Rabbi Yaakov Ariel Rabbi Zalman Nehemiah Elyashiv Goldberg (*) Rabbi Zalman Nehemiah Rabbi Mordekhai Goldberg (*) Eliyahu Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch* Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch (*) (*) Rabbis Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (*), Shalom Yosef Elyashiv (*), Zalman Nehemiah Goldberg (*), Moshe Sternbuch have expressed more than one view.
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The Israeli army on twitter said that sirens went off in Zikhim, Karmiya and Yad Mordekhai.
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The narrator-protagonist is named "Alexandre Mordekhai Benillouche." Alexandre, he notes, was given to him by his parents "en hommage a l'Occident prestigieux"; it resonates transparently with the author's own first name.