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(ˌmɔːdəˈkaɪ; ˈmɔːdəˌkaɪ)
1. (Biography) Old Testament the cousin of Esther who averted a massacre of the Jews (Esther 2–9)
2. (Bible) Old Testament the cousin of Esther who averted a massacre of the Jews (Esther 2–9)


(ˈmɔr dɪˌkaɪ, -ˌxaɪ)

the cousin of Esther who delivered the Jews from the destruction planned by Haman. Esther 2–8.
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See Mordechai Ha-Cohen, Higgid Mordekhay (Jerusalem: Ben Zvi Institute, 1978), p.
Recent acceleration through the energy retail sales sector and transportation manufacturing industry is blowing the doors off the ethanol markets," said David Mordekhay, president of Gulf Ethanol.
Here are two texts taken from Hesed le-Abraham, whose author is Abraham Ben Mordekhay Azulay (Morocco/Palestine, 17th century).
4) "More on Mordekhay Meeting With Turkish Defense Minister," Government Press Office, Jerusalem, 30 April 1997.
Israel is extremely concerned about this development and has raised the issue in talks with the United States, including in recent talks between Defence Minister Yitzhaq Mordekhay and US Defence Secretary William Cohen, the paper said.
On or about January 29, 2008, by virtue of a press release, listing David Mordekhay as the contact person, it was announced that AETE had procured a research facility in Woodlands, Texas, whereby AETE would continue commercialization and research of its biomass refining technology.
David Mordekhay has joined the company as president and chief executive officer and has been appointed to the board of directors.
AETE announces further change within the organization with the termination of Corporate Secretary, William Carmichael and VP Business Development, David Mordekhay.
Mordekhay has founded and managed several successful international trading companies including manufacturing, marketing and import/export.