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Noun1.Mordva - a member of the agricultural people living in the central Volga provinces of European Russia
Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic, Soviet Russia, Russia - formerly the largest Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR occupying eastern Europe and northern Asia
Russian - a native or inhabitant of Russia
2.Mordva - the Finnic language spoken by the Mordvinians
Volgaic - a group of Finnic languages spoken around the Volga river
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2000, Verbaaltuletussufiksid mordva keeltes, Tallinn (Eesti keele instituudi toimetised 5).
State and court peasants clustered in the borderlands: in the taiga--the North, northern Urals, Siberia--where the economy could not support gentry, and in the Volga-Urals among Turkic (Tatars, Chuvash) and Finno-Ugric-speaking natives (Votiaks, Mordva, Cheremis) and East Slavic settlers.
Geraklitov, Alatyrskaia Mordva po perepisiam 1624-1721 gg.
a happy life story of a Georgian woman who kept her birth surname after marrying a Russian), and an ethnic Ersyan (an ethnic minority in Mordva) woman, who kept hers and always enjoyed its "ethnic coloring".
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