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Noun1.Moreton Bay - an arm of the Tasman Sea forming a bay to the east of Brisbane
Queensland - a state in northeastern Australia
Australia - the smallest continent; between the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean
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Following a competitive selection process, the three proposals selected for business case development are: The NSW Government proposal for Sydney to Newcastle; Consolidated Land and Rail Australia's (CLARA) proposal for Melbourne to Greater Shepparton; and North Coast Connect consortium's proposal for Brisbane and the regions of Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast.
Wales are competing in the 2018 Rugby League Commonwealth Championships at the home of Redcliffe Dolphins RLFC in Moreton Bay, Queensland tomorrow and Saturday.
For our pilot project we chose Ludwig Leichhardt's 1844-45 overland expedition from Moreton Bay, Qld, to Port Essington, NT, a 443-day journey of over 3,000 miles.
When the baby whale was spotted, the rangers and the Moreton Bay Marine Park staff tried keeping the calf wet, according to (http://twitter.
Based in the Moreton Bay Regional Council district, Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology is looking to expand and is looking for the right people to support this growth, following 53k views of their facebook video.
Too many 'orphans' land in Sydney so Bridget and her eldest sister travel by steamer to the new, less civilised settlement of Moreton Bay, which everyone calls Brisbane.
Washington, Aug 1 ( ANI ): A new study has found that the seeds of the Moreton Bay Chestnut tree contain a medicine called Celgosivir, which is commonly considered safe for people suffering from dengue virus.
LONGSIGHT'S BEST FOUR DRAWS: FOUR DRAWS: Marconi Stallions v Sutherland Sharks, South Coast Wolves v Rockdale, Brisbane Roar NYL v Moreton Bay United, Adelaide Hills v Modbury.
He declared that he would be serving some ' legitimate bugs' tonight -- Moreton Bay Bugs flown in from Australia.
9m] on extracting sand from Moreton Bay, transferring it to the runway site and letting it settle for about three to four years, then BAC will commence the actual runway construction.
Efforts have been made to preserve as many of the historic ground's features as possible, with the Northern mound, heritage scoreboard and Moreton Bay Fig trees on the site all being retained.
In Queensland, around 200 naturalists will show off their sea legs on a Sunnies Nude Cruise on Moreton Bay on November 18th.