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Noun1.Moreton Bay - an arm of the Tasman Sea forming a bay to the east of Brisbane
Queensland - a state in northeastern Australia
Australia - the smallest continent; between the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean
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Peel Island is a small island in Moreton Bay in southeast Queensland.
Moreton Bay Mayor Allan Sutherland said the tribute was Redcliffe's way of saying thank you to the Bee Gees and acknowledging their contribution to music.
In a $1.1 billion pre-election deal, the Federal Government is committing $742million, the State Government $300million and Moreton Bay Regional Council $105million.
September 1826 57th relieves 3rd at Moreton Bay; Capt Patrick
For the past 30 years, water quality measurements in Brisbane's Moreton Bay have tracked an increase in nutrients and sediments.
Five of them were seen running naked around their police mini bus at the intersection of Redland Bay and Moreton Bay roads at Capalaba, while the sixth officer drove.
A Labor federal government would invest $742 million in the infrastructure, the Bligh government $300 million and the Moreton Bay Regional Council $105 million.
With a lifting keel, the yacht boasts improved performance when racing upwind and thanks to its shallower draft it enhances accessibility to harbours and anchorages when cruising, making it an ideal vessel for the notoriously shallow waters around Brisbane's Moreton Bay where Ocean Affinity will be based for much of the year.
In an average dry year, 200 000 tonnes of sediment is discharged into Moreton Bay. In a wet year, a massive 900 000 tonnes can blanket the seabed.