Morgan Henry

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, Sir Henry 1635?-1688.
Welsh buccaneer who raided Spanish ships and settlements in the Caribbean and was acting governor of Jamaica (1680-1682).
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Hillsborough had no option other than to push forward and the spectators were on edge right to the end when Morgan Henry got a last gasp goal to see Portadown home 4-2.
Priod annwyl a gofalus iawn i Falmai, tad caredig a chyfeillgar i Elis, a'i briod Karen, taid hoffus a hwyliog i Owen Glyn a Morgan Henry, brawd hoff i Emyr a'i wraig, Margaret, ewythr a chefnder hynaws.
Groomsmen were Murry Bernard Blankenship, Jr., John Edward Blankenship, Jimmy Norris Blame, Timothy Atward Blame, Christopher Allen Edwards, Kelly Scott Fuigham, Michael Keith Green, Abb Morgan Henry, III, and Richard Brian Rone.