Morgan le Fay

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Morgan le Fay

 (lə fā′)
In Arthurian legend, the sorceress sister and enemy of King Arthur.

Morgan le Fay

(ˈmɔːɡən lə ˈfeɪ) or

Morgain le Fay

(European Myth & Legend) a wicked sorceress of Arthurian legend, the half-sister of King Arthur

Mor•gan le Fay

(ˈmɔr gən lə ˈfeɪ)

an enchantress in Arthurian legend.
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Noun1.Morgan le Fay - (Arthurian legend) a wicked enchantress who was the half sister and enemy of King ArthurMorgan le Fay - (Arthurian legend) a wicked enchantress who was the half sister and enemy of King Arthur
faerie, faery, fairy, fay, sprite - a small being, human in form, playful and having magical powers
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Ten years later to the day, Balthazar and Maxim finally escape their pottery purgatory and race to track down Dave (now played by Jay Baruchel), who possesses an enchanted Russian doll that imprisons evil Morgana Le Fay (Alice Krige) for all eternity.
Once in the open, Merlin is afraid that he will be hunted down and killed by his ancient enemy, King Arthur's half-sister, the sorceress Morgana le Fay, who has spent the last 1,600 years building a criminal empire that includes every corrupt enterprise known to man.
YOUNG boy Dave Stutler (Jake Cherry) wanders into the Arcana Cabana antiques store and has a strange conversation with owner althazar Blake (Nicolas Cage), who reveals that he is to become a great wizard and defeat the forces of evil controlled by Morgana Le Fay (Alice Krige).