a.1.Pertaining to, or derived from, fustic (see Morin); as, moric acid.
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Sudarsan Moothedath Rostislav Moric Fakhr Al-Din Nabil Morrar Junrong Mou Taj Muhammad Askar Mulkubayev Muhammad Shahid Munir Gudivada Muralidhar Anooch Ghulam Murtaza Yu Na Mohammed Jawdat Nachawaty Yasar Omer Nasser M.
Budamar controls A1/2PS with the family of ex-politician ViAY=azoslav Moric.
Bottura's meme was reposted by model and singer Nina Moric.
Eight Rooms, Finale Eight Room, La Moric a Sardara per 'Eight Rooms' Luigi Mario Favoloso, and Giovanni Angiolini e Mary Falconieri, Mario Ermito Eight Rooms, Alex Belli Eight Rooms, and many more.
As a lexical reference, Sebeok relied mainly on Moric Szilasi's "Cseremisz szotar" of 1901.
Nesom B, C N [Heath Aster] Berberidaceae Berberis trifoliolata Moric.