n.1.A bad sore; a gangrene; a cancer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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My grandfather was awarded the Military Medal because of his immense bravery in Mormal Forest.
On the field, hydrologists assess rivers in different regions and determine its capacity to overflow, discharge speed during mormal and extreme weather, and measuring the current which may trigger flashfloods.
WE marched through Mormal Forest, where, so the civilians had told us, British prisoners had been working for years cutting down trees.
The levels of serum amylase, total bilirubin and tumor markers were mormal. B-ultrasound showed multiple stones in the normal gallbladder (Fig.1a).
Local bond strength of reinforcing bars in mormal strength and high-strength concrete, ACI Structural Journal 95(2): 96-106.
But greet harm was it, as it thoughte me, That on his shyne a mormal hadde he.
Stan Kozuch, owner of Stan's Redbird IGA in Mormal, Ill., used his farm to conduct Special Olympics events, raising $4,400 for the cause.
A FEW days later we were in a village named Englefontaine, which was a long, straggling place with woods all around and the Forest of Mormal behind it.
P J Moriarty Chase at Leopardstown (reportedly post race mormal and sound), also confirmed exciting novice hurdler a "definite runner" in the INH Novice Hurdle Series at Punchestown on Sunday.