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n.1.A bugbear; false terror.
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The speaker mentions how her mother supervised the household's woolworkers and used the bogey-figure of Mormo to frighten her children into obedience.
It's untidy ragged and bright and it's not used to things mormo maura asleep in the curtain by day.
Influence of exotic earthworms on the soil organic horizon and the rare fern Botrychium mormo.
Este conjunto de sinais clinicos tambem sao observados no mormo em equideos, tornando necessario o diagnostico diferencial entre estas enfermidades (30).
Guinsburg, pensa, sem duvida, nos 'bichos papoes' dos contos de amas: Lamia, Mormo e Empusa cujo poder de transformacao era ilimitado, nota 67 de sua traducao, 1 volume.
Gonesh Mormo practiced in the village of Rautnagar and Kharu practiced in the village of Boliahat.
But unassuming Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge is the world's last holdout of a finicky species: the Lange's metalmark butterfly (Apodemia mormo langei).
y por supuesto las criaturas nocturnas: cuervos, buhos, lechuzas, murcielagos, Mormo, la Lamia, las empusas, los vampiros (Estriges), espectros, larvas, lemures .
The Observer book of Larger Moths lists it as the Old Lady moth, superfamily Agrotides, Family Caradrinidae mormo maura.