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The Mormon tabernacle on the hill was torched, as were storehouses, businesses, valuable dwellings and the Mormon printshop."
Make that 'Tabernacle Choir': SALT LAKE CITY -- The world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be singing the same tune but under a new name.
Music and The Spoken Word featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (live), 5pm to 7pm - Sunday morning session (live).
I stood in the Utah State Capitol the morning of Opening Ceremony and listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic after a moving speech by Pres.
Organized by fortifications and civic, commercial, domestic, and religious and funerary architecture, they include government buildings like the White House and US Capitol, bridges and canals, museums, educational and other institutions, and buildings from world's fairs, as well as landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park; department stores, office buildings, factories, and entertainment venues; dwellings, such as plantations and the Mark Twain House; forts built by the US military (Fort Clatsop and Fort Sumter); and churches, cemeteries, and landmarks from utopian communities founded by religious leaders, including the Mormon Tabernacle and Mount Auburn Cemetery.
So far, Jackie Evancho, Lee Greenwood, 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith, The Piano Guys, DJ Ravidrums, The Frontmen of Country, Jon Voight, The Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are ( slated to perform at inauguration events taking place throughout the weekend.
Following the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's version of Impossible Dream, Carrington told listeners to "dream the impossible dream".
18th Ave.; performance by Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra.
A fascination with this uniquely American religion hardly seems shocking; as The Mormon Tabernacle Choir: A Biography attests, it is nearly impossible to separate the study of Mormonism from the study of American culture.
"I Am A Jerusalemite" is the self-directed story of performer Yehoram Gaon, a native-born Jerusalemite who learned to appreciate the city's wonders with time; Ofer Naim's "Voice of Jerusalem" gathers interviews with people of all faiths and backgrounds who call Jerusalem home; Yale Roe's "Jerusalem: The City Touched By God" surveys Jerusalem's 3,000 year history, enriched by the soul-stirring music of the Mormon Tabernacle choir; and Yale Roe's "To Live A Dream: the Teddy Kollek Story" is an amazing portrait of the Jerusalem mayor whose 28-year tenure spanned the 1967 Six-Day War and the 1990 Persian Gulf War.
His credits also include six albums, a concert DVD, guitar songbooks, film scores, Pearl Awards, songwriting awards, and concerts with several symphony orchestras and choirs, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.