n.1.The country inhabited by the Mormons; the Mormon people.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"That the purpose of the bill is entirely right and commends itself to every true friend of morality and civilization," wrote the editors of the Times, "will scarcely be questioned anywhere outside the circles of Mormondom."
The first chapter, "Books and Angels," explains how and why choral singing emerged in early Mormondom. Here Hicks places the infancy of what would eventually become the Tabernacle Choir at the nexus of the paradoxical Mormon dichotomy between the spoken and written word.
"We have no polygamous Mormondom; no Ku Klux terrorism .
Entrance into the Mormon Temple is the utopia to strive for in Mormondom. Anyone who achieves temple status is by no means a casual Mormon.
The fashioning of the new vision of goods in Mormondom required of its participants, and can divulge to its students, a fundamental reordering of the relationship between personal possessions and individual identities.
The changes in thinking about material goods that occurred in Mormondom are neatly encapsulated in two letters--separated by two decades--written by Isaiah Coombs.
In Mormondom, homosexuality is literally unspeakable; there is no greater taboo in this institution, in which even relatively benign substances such as caffeine are forbidden.
On the other hand, he estimated Mormondom's population at fifteen thousand and predicted that it would grow to over seventy-five thousand by the beginning of the year of division, 1851--more than requisite for separate statehood.
On the other hand, however, Burton was well aware of the impossibility of such a task, as he admits halfway through The City of the Saints: "There is in Mormondom, as in all other exclusive faiths, whether Jewish, Hindu or other, an inner life into which I cannot flatter myself or deceive the reader with the idea of my having penetrated" (224).
In 1919 the Laie Temple was built, cementing the town's position in Mormondom as the Zion of the Pacific.
Often billed as the showplace of the LDS Church, Brigham Young - situated south of Salt Lake City in Provo - sets the standard for free-expression in the rest of Mormondom. Ariel Ballif, resident set designer at Pioneer Theatre Company and co-owner of Theatre 138 (once the only Salt Lake theatre outside the University of Utah), attended BYU as a youth and remembers Noel Coward comedies produced without cocktails and cigarettes, and Coca-Cola's being the initiating lubricant for the hallucinations in Harvey.
Mormondom 1847-1910 provides a test case for examining consumerism.