drive time

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drive time

1. The time of day during which commuters go to and from work: interesting radio programming during drive time.
2. The time it takes to drive a specified distance or route: a drive time of 11 hours between Kansas City and Denver.

drive′-time′ adj.

drive′ time`

the rush hour, when commuters listen to car radios: perceived as a source of increased ratings for programs and a consequent increase in advertising revenue.
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Within the vehicle were seated the fair Octavie and her old friend and neighbor, Judge Pillier, who had come to take her for a morning drive.
Woodhouse must not, under the specious pretence of a morning drive, and an hour or two spent at Donwell, be tempted away to his misery.
'And if my aunt and I had not been just returning from our morning drive, I should have seen and heard no more of you?'
The morning drives were silent; but in the evening, coming home, Jean-Pierre, tipsy, was viciously muttering, and growled at the confounded woman who could not rear children that were like anybody else's.
Mason utilizes humor, compassion, and community awareness to help ease the tensions of the morning drive to work.
I look forward to it as the early morning drive is relaxing.
State Counsel Allen Mulama said the four were arrested on Tuesday aboard a Nairobi-bound bus on the outskirts of Mandera town.A sworn affidavit by Happi Mohamednoor, a police officer at Mandera Police Station, indicated that the four colluded to evade police checks during the morning drive.
Department for Transport figures show the speed of the average morning drive to work on A-roads has fallen from 24.6mph three years ago to 23.7mph.
The move also results in the disappearance of a legendary Music City air personality, some 16 months after his "return" by way of classic bits aired in morning drive, on this iHeartMedia FM translator covering much of Nashville.
Morning drive is still prime time when it comes to revenue.
Appearing on Prime Morning Drive, a talk show hosted on Prime FM in Monrovia an official of the CDC Samuel Worzi denies that the Coalition has such blacklist.
Spadea is the morning drive time host on New Jersey 101.5 who also happens to be a corporate vice president for education for Weichert.