Morris Robert


, Robert 1734-1806.
American Revolutionary politician and financier. A signer of the Declaration of Independence, he raised money for the Continental Army, attended the Constitutional Convention (1787), and was financially ruined by land speculation.
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Designed by Owen Morris Roberts of Porthmadog, it was given a Grade II listing in 1997 and was recently put on the market for PS250,000.
Roberts Media is a family-owned company that began in 1942 when Morris Roberts purchased the Victoria Advocate with a group of Texas businessmen.
Wife of the late Bobbie Morris Roberts. Dear mother of Beryl and a loving nain, great-nain and sister.
QualitySolicitors Redkite was established in 2011 through the merger of two South-West Wales law firms - Lowless & Lowless and Morris Roberts.
But Morris Roberts had spent most of his life in and out of court and was well used to the experience.
Designed by Owen Morris Roberts of Porthmadog, it was given a Grade II listing due to its status as "a fine early 20th century chapel with a richly detailed art nouveau entrance and original interior."
Gwraig y diweddar Bobbie Morris Roberts, mam annwyl Beryl, nain, hen nain a chwaer hoffus.
Last night Aled Owen, of Morris Roberts solicitors, acting for Jones said they intended to lodge an appeal within a week.
Priod annwyl y diweddar Bobby Morris Roberts (gynt o Lansannan a Rhuthun) Cynhelir Gwasanaeth ym Mynwent Capel Coffa Henry Rees Llansannan am 2 o''r gloch ddydd Sul, y 3ydd o Awst, pryd y rhoddir ei llwch ym Meddrod y teulu.
VICTIM SIX Rebecca Jane Morris Roberts, 30, made a search and found her image with the untrue title "Conwy Valley Movies" and "Some paedo kiddie fiddlers".