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 (môr′ĭ-sən, mŏr′-), Toni Originally Chloe Wofford. Born 1931.
American writer who won the 1993 Nobel Prize for literature. Her novels, such as Sula (1973) and Beloved (1987), examine the experiences of African Americans.


1. (Biography) Herbert Stanley, Baron Morrison of Lambeth. 1888–1965, British Labour statesman, Home Secretary and Minister for Home Security in Churchill's War Cabinet (1942–45)
2. (Biography) Jim, full name James Douglas Morrison. 1943–71, US rock singer and songwriter, lead vocalist with the Doors
3. (Biography) Toni, full name Chloe Anthony Morrison. born 1931, US novelist, whose works include Sula (1974), Song of Solomon (1977), Beloved (1987), Jazz (1992), and Paradise (1998): awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1993
4. (Biography) Van, full name George Ivan Morrison. born 1945, Northern Irish rock singer and songwriter. His albums include Astral Weeks (1968), Moondance (1970), Avalon Sunset (1989), and Days Like These (1995)


(ˈmɔr ə sən, ˈmɒr-)

Toni (Chloe Anthony Wofford), born 1931, U.S. novelist: Nobel prize 1993.
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Noun1.Morrison - United States rock singer (1943-1971)
2.Morrison - United States writer whose novels describe the lives of African-Americans (born in 1931)
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The editors' introduction establishes the critical relevance of analyzing each author's work within the context of the other's, delineating specific characteristics of Baldwin's writing--his approach to the challenge of racial representation in American literature, his resistance to hegemonic constructions of race and sexuality, and his innovation of a racially inflected language--as important influences on the development of Morrison's writing.
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