Mortar bed

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(Mil.) a framework of wood and iron, suitably hollowed out to receive the breech and trunnions of a mortar.
a shallow box or receptacle in which mortar is mixed.

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At the base is a mortar bed that slopes toward the drain.
As I slide sage-green ceramic micro-tiles side by side into a mortar bed to form yet another long necklace-like arc of glistening tiles, I remembered.
A Sounds like it was laid properly on a mortar bed.
Damp-proof courses should be fully evident in the mortar bed at the bottom of the wall, ideally some 150mm (6in) above the adjacent ground level.
Q How much of a gap should be left between decorative concrete paving slabs and how thick should my mortar bed be when laying the slabs?
Lay bricks (eg bright red Chapel-Gate multi-bricks) on to wet, mortar bed, over weed-preventing membrane.
The best floors on which to lay tiles are concrete, a fresh or cured mortar bed, and cement/backer board.
When the patio lifted, it tore the mortar bed and the tile off (see Figure 1).
Ideal for wet areas like shower walls, floors, drying areas, and kitchens, TS is recommended for wheelchair accessible showers and other applications where a full mortar bed is not desired.
Check for signs of loose or slipped tiles and slates, corroded nails and cracked or eroded mortar bed joints on the ridge or hip ridge tiles.