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n.1.One who, or that which, mortifies.
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``Mother and friend,'' said Athelstane, ``a truce to your upbraidings bread and water and a dungeon are marvellous mortifiers of ambition, and I rise from the tomb a wiser man than I descended into it.
(But it seems that most of them would rather sleep.) morning mourning (mourning after night before) mortar fire mortifier nonagenarian nonage a-naryin' ("I deny all claims that I'm underage," said the ninety-something.) nuisance new cents (Damn decimal change!) pertinaceous Puritan, eh?
Ainsi, le cinema du remploi elaborerait une memoire culturelle refletant la principale fonction de l'archive, quelque part entre se souvenir et oublier, entre incorporer et mortifier. L'auteure parvient aussi a degager de ce corpus les forces qui sous-tendent ces reconfigurations visuelles; ainsi rend-elle compte avec acuite de leur portee materielle, autant que de leurs qualites esthetiques et de leur charge affective.