Mortise and tenon

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(Carp.) made with a mortise and tenon; joined or united by means of a mortise and tenon; - used adjectively.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It's like when you're constructing a building and put in a mortise and tenon joint -- somebody else slots in -- and Mane has done brilliantly.
It's like when you're constructing a building and put in a mortise and tenon joint - somebody else comes in - and Mane has done brilliantly.
"The latticework, which strengthens them from the rear, is also thought to be the first use of its kind of mortise and tenon joints in a castle door.
However, certain seismic issues including the roof space system with large self-weight and stiffness, the energy dissipation in the bracket sets due to shear friction (Figure 1(c)), the semirigid connection in mortise and tenon joints [3], and the column base resting directly on a stone base [4] (Figure 1(d)) have not been fully studied.
This study was undertaken to investigate and compare the bending moment capacities of several configurations of rectangular mortise and tenon joints made by Formosan alder wood.
All of the joints are mortise and tenon with wooden pegs.
Made with an ash, maple or walnut hardwood frame, the chair features mortise and tenon joinery.
The Blues bar chairs can be purchased with or without arms and feature sleek white upholstery and architectural wooden inserts over a mortise and tenon frame.
Top Drawer Components offers dovetail drawer boxes as well as a wide selection of cabinet door styles: miter, mortise and tenon, raised panel, cope and stick, flat panel and solid wood.
In woodwork at Mirfield Grammar School I learned little other than to hate mortise and tenon joints.
Tests were conducted to determine the axial load capacities of knee braces suitable for use in light timber frames constructed with round mortise and tenon joints.
Mortise and tenon is one of the oldest ways of joining two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle.