Mortise and tenon

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(Carp.) made with a mortise and tenon; joined or united by means of a mortise and tenon; - used adjectively.

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It is reported that the optimum results of simple and haunched mortise and tenon furniture joints under tension and compression loads were obtained with joints constructed with 10 thick tenons that were 37.
Made with an ash, maple or walnut hardwood frame, the chair features mortise and tenon joinery.
The Blues bar chairs can be purchased with or without arms and feature sleek white upholstery and architectural wooden inserts over a mortise and tenon frame.
Top Drawer Components offers dovetail drawer boxes as well as a wide selection of cabinet door styles: miter, mortise and tenon, raised panel, cope and stick, flat panel and solid wood.
In woodwork at Mirfield Grammar School I learned little other than to hate mortise and tenon joints.
Tests were conducted to determine the axial load capacities of knee braces suitable for use in light timber frames constructed with round mortise and tenon joints.
And, serendipitously, the mortise and tenon joinery Faxon uses is the same style employed in construction of the mill.
I work mainly in European hardwood using mortise and tenon and dovetail joints by hand, rather than by machine.
The use of traditional timber-frame detailing with mortise and tenon joints, for example, is a proven safeguard against earthquake collapse, with all masonry being independently reinforced and non load-bearing.
He suggests that in the highly stressed bow and stern areas, where one would expect mortise and tenon joints to be used, all the planking was sewn to the posts.
The door frames have mortise and tenon construction and are spot welded for lifetime rigidity.
Solid hardwood frame components with mortise and tenon joint construction provide stability and durability.