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 (môr′tn), Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe Known as "Jelly Roll." 1885-1941.
American musician and composer who recorded seminal jazz works during the 1920s.


, William Thomas Green 1819-1868.
American dentist who demonstrated the use of ether as an anesthetic (1846).
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1. (Biography) 4th Earl of, title of James Douglas. 1516–81, regent of Scotland (1572–78) for the young James VI. He was implicated in the murders of Rizzio (1566) and Darnley (1567) and played a leading role in ousting Mary, Queen of Scots; executed
2. (Biography) Jelly Roll, real name Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe Morton. 1885–1941, US jazz pianist, singer, and songwriter; one of the creators of New Orleans jazz
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(ˈmɔr tn)

1. Jelly Roll (Ferdinand Morton), 1885–1941, U.S. jazz pianist and composer.
2. William Thomas Green, 1819–68, U.S. dentist: first to demonstrate the use of ether as an anesthetic.
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Noun1.Morton - United States jazz musician who moved from ragtime to New Orleans jazz (1885-1941)
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there is George Morton coming--he surely will not pass the poor man without offering to assist him."
George Morton was far from possessing the elegant exterior of the uneasy observer of this scene, yet were the eyes of the lovely young woman who had caught his attention, fixed in evident delight on his person, until it was hid from view in the carriage; when, drawing a long breath, as if relieved from great uneasiness, she said, in a low voice--
"I knew that George Morton would not pass him so unfeelingly--but where are they going?--not far, I hope, on this cold day--and George without his great coat."
His name was Morton, and he was a Liverpool man long pickled in the Irish quarrels, and doing his duty among them in a sour fashion not altogether unsympathetic.
"Did Mary Cregan give evidence?" asked Morton, with a frown that looked a little heavier than usual.
"Anything is to the good," said Morton, "that lets us know anything about him."
When he is at home, he is in his own parish at Morton."
"Gone over to Morton for a walk; but they would be back in half-an- hour to tea."
There was a slight, a very slight hope, that Rebecca might be allowed a few music lessons from Miss Morton, who played the church cabinet organ, but this depended entirely upon whether Mrs.
Miss Morton, only daughter of the late Lord Morton, with thirty thousand pounds.
Morton Prince to say: "As I view this question of the subconscious, far too much weight is given to the point of awareness or not awareness of our conscious processes.
But then it must be a prudent king, such as is able to grind with a handmill; and those inward counsellors had need also be wise men, and especially true and trusty to the king's ends; as it was with King Henry the Seventh of England, who, in his great business, imparted himself to none, except it were to Morton and Fox.