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In 1986, Ebeling was an engineer at Morton Thiokol, where he worked on the ignition system and final assembly for the space shuttle program.
Nor is it a narrative on the grandeur of human spaceflight praiseful of the NASA, contractor Morton Thiokol, or technocracy.
Surely after twenty-four years, the facts have been unveiled, and any mysteries behind this tragedy have been revealed, but actually Allan McDonald, the former director of the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Motor Project for Morton Thiokol, Inc.
Whether it is Lieutenant Colonel Markinson failing to effectively challenge Colonel Nathan Jessep in A Few Good Men, or the failure by Morton Thiokol engineers to convince their managers of the impending O-ring failures that led to the space shuttle Challenger disaster, the effect is the same.
Their evidence was faxed to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, where "a high-level NASA official responded that he was 'appalled' by the recommendation not to launch and indicated that the rocket-maker, Morton Thiokol, should reconsider .
The Frandee (named for its builders Roy France and Emmett Devine) was the first project financed by the SCS and is a direct ancestor of the Thiokol IMP snow cats and other low-ground-pressure machines built for the military by Morton Thiokol Chemical Co.
That company, Morton Thiokol, was eventually found to have made defective seals for the shuttle's booster rockets.
The subsequent investigation showed this was an accident that could have been avoided had Nasa heeded the warning from Roger Boisjoly, an engineer at one of its contracted companies, Morton Thiokol.
NASA and Morton Thiokol, the contractor who made the O-rings, had noted problems in earlier flights.
Hardy then reminded the engineers that the contract of their employer, Morton Thiokol, which built the shuttle boosters, "is coming up for renewal soon," in an attempt to intimidate them into silence.
On January 27, 1986, the day before NASA launched the Challenger space shuttle, Morton Thiokol Inc.
40) Similar to the Kansas Supreme Court's decision in Morton Thiokol, Inc.