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a.1.Mosaic (in either sense).
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Uneven dramatically, then, but Debussy's mosaical score was paced sympathetically by conductor Jonathan Berman and his much-reduced but ravishingly sonorous orchestra (special plaudits to Christopher Stark's unobtrusively versatile harmonium).
As touching the other incentive of obedience, namely rewards of obedience, tho the bounty and goodness of (b) God hath for the most part annext to his Laws as well Rewards of obedience or (c) punishments of disobedience as appeares both in the Mosaical (d) and Evangelical Laws, yet it is not always necessary that express Rewards be annexed to Laws partly because obedience is the duty of every Subject to a just Law, and therefore not (e) necessary to be purchased by the annexation of rewards, and partly because every just and wise Law carryes with it self and in it self (f) a beneft to those that obey it, or at least to the Comunity whereof they are members;