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Noun1.Mosan - a family of Amerindian languages spoken in Washington and British Columbia
American-Indian language, Amerind, Amerindian language, American Indian, Indian - any of the languages spoken by Amerindians
Chemakuan - a group of Mosan languages spoken in Washington
Salish, Salishan - a family of Mosan language spoken in northwestern United States and western Canada
Wakashan language, Wakashan - a family of North American Indian languages of British Columbia and Washington
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He also urged the leaders to shop for those he called 'critical mass of committed people.' Obasanjo said this on Sunday while receiving the PDP leaders from SouthWest led by the party's National Vice Chairman (South West), Dr Eddy Olafeso, at his Pent-House Residence inside Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library , Oke - Mosan, Abeokuta, Ogun State.
Attached to the Mosan Center for Special Needs, the bakery is managed by a group of students with special needs who bake and manage the business.
In the sixth race for pure Arabians over 2,400m, Royal Cavalry's stallion The Sohar ridden by Jonna Mosan and trained by Said al Badi claimed the title.
Some collectors regard Mosan enamels as the apex of medieval enamelling, with their distinct palette, subtle shading, and graceful designs.
Saturday MAIN STAGE Joseph Whelan - 2pm Lucy Spraggan - 2.50pm Amanda Wilson - 3.20pm Katy B - 3.55pm Anne-Marie - 4.40pm Dakota - 5.05pm Imani - 5.15pm Liberty X - 5.25pm Lawson - 6.10pm Fleur East - 7pm Tulisa - 7.30pm Marvin Humes presents Luvbug - 8pm Riton - 9pm DJ Simon Baker - 10pm Sacha Brooks from Capital - 11pm DANCE ARENA Lee Mosan - noon Dee Jay LJ - 1pm Amy Banks and Tom Birch - 2pm Josh Knight - 3pm Jaguar Skills - 4pm Rue Jay - 5.30pm Jade Marie and Ash Turner - 6.30pm Martin Crich - 7.30pm Hinsley - 9.30pm James Silver - 10.30pm Chunky B - 11.30pm
His knock enabled his side to reach 257-8, despite three wickets apiece from Mark Burns and Mosan Raza.
Mosan Shan - director of Kwik Cars (North East) Ltd - has been disqualified from holding an operator's licence after it was found his firm used vehicles in a "very dangerous" condition.
Contemporaneous with it was the second phase of Nupe/ Fulani intrusion into northern Igbomina country, which led to a permanent division of the land into two distinguishable sub-cultural units, the Mosan and Moyee (Dada, 1985: 24).
Before the high altar--modelled on a medieval Mosan shrine--Kris Martin has laid a white handkerchief a votive offering of blood, sweat and tears.
To this is added a transcription and translation of the poems of the 'Mosan' Psalters.
A Li[R]ge highlight is the Grand Curtius Museum, currently under development, a complex aiming to combine the collections of the arms museum, the archaeology museum, the decorative arts and glass museum and the religious art and art mosan museum.