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Mo·selle 1

 (mō-zĕl′) also Mo·sel (mō′zəl)
A river rising in the Vosges Mountains of northeast France and flowing about 545 km (340 mi) north then northeast to the Rhine River in western Germany. The German valley of the river is noted for its castles and vineyards.

Mo·selle 2

A light dry white wine produced in the valley of the Moselle River.
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But this is undoubtedly the land of riesling, grown on the slopes of the Mosel and all the way to the Rhine and beyond.
Along the way we did what all good travellers in this much visited part of Germany do: we admired the gorgeous countryside along the mellow Mosel and then steep-sloped Rhine, clicking away with our cameras at historic castles, towns and villages and savoured local, inseason foods.
This includes a wonderful riesling sptlese made by celebrated Mosel producer JJ Christoffel.
I stopped off in the Mosel region with brother Mark and friend Adrian en route to the Nur-burgring circuit near Koblenz to race motorcycles.
Every square foot of slope, whatever the dizzying degree, is vine-clad - indeed the Mosel area has 88 million vines tended by 6300 growers in 125 villages.
Tschechow und Mosel, which used to show younger artists, has reduced its activities.
A lucky number for some, Germany has 13 wine regions and the cool climate Rheingau and Mosel Valleys are home to some of the country's most celebrated estates, where the vines are planted on steep slate slopes along rivers, and the picturesque landscape is dotted with pretty castles and endless ruins.
L Riesling, Loosen Bros 2009 Mosel (Majestic, pounds 6.99, abv 8.5%).
ANSWERS: 1 India; 2 Bugsy Malone; 3 The World Is Full Of Married Men; 4 Fashion designer; 5 Carbuncle; 6 Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; 7 The Borrowers; 8 Mosel (or Moselle); 9 Collateral; 10 The Order of the Garter.
Peter Farmer from 'The Grapevine' an expert on wines from the Mosel area was the guest speaker.
Peter Farmer from The Grapevine, an expert on wines from the Mosel area, was guest speaker.
My 10-year-old daughter and I spent a long weekend at Heilbachsee, set in beautiful woodland in southwest Germany's Mosel valley.