Mosquito fleet

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a fleet of small vessels.

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She argues that, given the desperate condition of the Ukrainian economy, for the foreseeable future the rebuilding effort should be limited to creating a "mosquito fleet" for coastal defense.
The spectacular sight of ocean racing yachts duelling up the Derwent was replaced by a mosquito fleet of International 2-4mR single-handed keelboats contesting the Australian and then the 2016 World Championship, and the following day the Prince Philip Cup for the classic Dragon class keelboat.
The steamboats that plied the waters of Bandon's Coquille River and Oregon's other coastal streams before the days of roads and bridges were called the Mosquito Fleet. The name came from the boats' small size, not the biting insect.
We also need the "boys on bikes", a mosquito fleet of motorised paramedics with the minimum emergency kit on the back who can usually thread their way through stopped traffic to get to the scene of an accident.
Leonard's Creek, in June 1814, and the eventual destruction of the mosquito fleet. If the flotilla was born of desperation and doomed to failure, as the author suggests, it was also "one of the most unique experiments in American riverine naval warfare" (348).
Known as the "Mosquito Fleet," the small, fast and heavily armed PT boats did much to turn the tide in the Pacific, in the Mediterranean and in the English Channel during the war.
had an unexpected spillage on the lounge sofa during the construction of our new Mosquito fleet. As my eldest son earnestly explained: ``As long as mummy doesn't move the cushions, she won't notice.''
Lolita still makes squeaky calls unique to her family, and biologists believe she would be welcomed like a long-lost relative, says naturalist Cindy Hansen, a whale-watching narrator for Washington-based Mosquito Fleet.