Mosquito netting

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Therefore it was imperative to sleep under mosquito netting.
There came a night when he raved, and the sound of a woman's name rang out from the open windows of the little bungalow, rang out through the drawn mosquito netting amongst the palm-trees, across the surf-topped sea to the great steamer which lay in the bay.
Mosquito netting and fumigation services should also be provided to every house, so that people can be protected from the disease.
Washington, May 26 ( ANI ): A University of Florida entomologist wants to improve mosquito netting by coating it with insecticide toxic only to mosquitoes.
Also cut into the mix are a scene of a reclining woman seen through mosquito netting blown by a whirling fan (evocative of the opening scenes of Apocalypse Now) and shaky dance-floor footage accompanied by thumping techno music.