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adv. Music
With motion or animation. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, past participle of muovere, to move, from Latin movēre; see meuə- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Music, other) music to be performed with rapidity. See also meno mosso
[Italian, past participle of muovere to move]
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Furthermore, the family's love for food and the family's desire to make their dishes all by themselves sparked Guira's desire to open up Mossa.
Bella Mossa has proved popular and there is talk of extending the initiative's four-month operating period.
Keur Mossa Secondary School just outside Dakar, Senegal, has become involved in making benches from old recycled rubbish.
The meeting was attended from the Omani side by Sheikh Yahya bin Abdullah Al Fanna al-Araimi, Head of the Economic Affairs Sector, Aflah bin Sulaiman al-Ta'ee, Head of West Europe Department, Abdulaziz bin Mossa al- Kharousi, Deputy Head of the Secretary General Office, whilst it was attended from the UK side by Jonathan Wilks, UK Ambassador to the Sultanate and officials from both sides.
Gian Maria Mossa said, 'I can tell you there is no dossier on our table.'
FC Spokesperson said that, on a tip off, FC with police conducted search operation in Ismail Abad, Mossa Colony and adjacent areas and took into custody 9 alleged terrorists.
[beaucoup moins que] On ne sait ni quand ni comment s'est produit le vol de l'original et le remplacement par un faux [beaucoup plus grand que], a precise le general Mariano Mossa, chef du corps de carabiniers specialise dans les enquetes sur les œuvres d'art derobees, au cours d'une conference de presse a Rome.
Production designers Jeff Mossa and Richard Sherman were mindful to faithfully reproduce the settings and situations that were seared into the memories of millions of viewers who, in 1994 and 1995, watched the saga of the actor and former NFL star running back, accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, unfold on TV--from the slo-mo Ford Bronco chase over L.A.
Assured already of her first ever podium finish on her maiden appearance on foreign soil, Bacyadan, 21, bested Egyptian Walaa Mossa in a 65kg round-of-four tussle.
Boldon took an early lead when keeper Ferguson needlessly gave away a penalty in bringing down Mossa following a misplaced pass from Fairless.