Mössbauer effect

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Möss·bau·er effect

 (mœs′bou′ər, môs′-, mŏs′-)
The recoilless emission of gamma rays by radioactive nuclei of crystalline solids, and the subsequent absorption of the emitted rays by other nuclei.

[After Rudolf Ludwig Mössbauer (1929-2011), German physicist.]
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Mössbauer effect

(ˈmɒsˌbaʊə; German ˈmœsbauər)
(General Physics) physics the phenomenon in which an atomic nucleus in a crystal of certain substances emits a gamma ray without any recoil to the atom. The study of the emitted gamma rays (Mössbauer spectroscopy) is used to determine the energy levels in a nucleus, the structure of molecules, etc
[C20: named after Rudolf Ludwig Mössbauer (1929–2011), German physicist]
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The Mossbauer effect refers to which sort of radiation?
Mossbauer observed for the first time that nuclei in solids can emit and absorb gamma-rays without recoil (i.e., the Mossbauer effect) and in 1961 received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of this phenomenon.
Mossbauer effect spectrometer, Nuclear Science & Engineering Flashcube, Sylvania Electric Products
We have the famous Newton's laws of motion, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, Stefan's law, Bragg's law, Hund's rule, Mossbauer effect to name but a few.
Rangarajan and Poonam Bhatnagar (1981) analysed the bibliometric data compiled from Physics Abstracts on research papers published in the area of Mossbauer effect studies over a period of two decades from its discovery in respect of media choice.