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Mossi also spent five years with the Detroit Tigers and pitched for the White Sox in 1964 and the Kansas City Athletics in '65.
As such, our aim was to provide a multilingual service (in French and 2 local languages: Mossi, Dyula), while keeping it simple and user-friendly, accessible to all.
A document dated 11 October 1910 reports the construction of 'excellent roads for caravans' and the consequent increase in traders (Hausa, Mossi, Yoruba and Fulani) using them.
Brun and Mossi [32] also observed inhibition halos caused by a surinam cherry EO in growth tests of Micrococcus luteus, Staphylococcus epidermidis and Xanthomonas campestris.
Exchange Bank (OTC: EXSR) has said that it has promoted vice president and regional sales manager, Rick Mossi, as senior vice president of Retail Delivery.
However, Ansaroul Islam is not an ethnic-based group and also includes members from the Mossi, Bellah (Black Tamasheq), Dogons, and Songhai communities.
This method is considered effective, without leaving residues that harm the health of consumers (Mossi, A.
Selon le plan d'action sanitaire redige par les gestionnaires du district, celle-ci est composee de differents groupes: Peul, Mossi, Fulce, Bella, Dogon, Songhai et Rimaybe.
The Indians staff consisted of Bob Feller, Mike Garcia, Art Houtteman, Bob Lemon, Ray Narleski, Early Wynn, as well as Don Mossi, Hal Newhouser and Dave Hoskins.
"There is Mossi (Paterson) and Sean who have gone before me and have that milestone.
Il narratore ci suggerisce piu volte, in meditazioni liriche che non di rado impreziosiscono la trama come fili d'oro un arazzo, che siamo tutti Francesco, tutti viandanti mossi da uno struggente rimpianto per una bellezza perduta che, quando ci sembra a portata di mano, si rivela tragicamente irraggiungibile.