n.1.The drum upon which the rope is wound in a capstan, crane, or the like.
2.A machine formerly used for bending a crossbow by winding it up.
3.In sword and saber exercises, a circular swing of the weapon.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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GUIGAL, a powerhouse in the Rhone Valley that has in its range the "holy trinity" of Cote-Rotie - La Ladonne, La Turque and La Mouline - which get collectors in a right tizz.
Le Directeur general de l'Agence Marocaine de l'efficacite energetique (AMEE), Said Mouline, l'a declare clairement lors de la 3e edition des rencontres africaines de l'efficacite energetique organisee mardi a Casablanca.
However, several Arab celebrities, including Ahlam, Dounia Batma, Ibtissam Tiskat, Othmane Mouline, and Hatim Ammor, among others, have shown their support for Lamjarred.
With a salute to the effortless panache of the Rat Pack, highlights include the FOSTER 'mouline' jacket or LEARY shawl collar linen jacket; while evening is pure Vegas with the JAKE white tuxedo jacket.
The fire broke out when the bus and the truck collided and then it spread," social worker El Hassan Mouline told 2M state broadcaster, speaking from the scene.
Another highlight of the sale was 11 bottles of Guigal, Cote Rotie La Mouline, 1978, which more than doubled the pre-sale high estimate to fetch $24,500.
Fancy yarns boucle frise mouline were also showcased for the interest of buyers.
Other Moroccan business leaders that will be present include President of Casablanca Finance City Said Brahimi, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Industry, Trade, Investment, and the Digital Economy Mamoun Bouhdoud, CEO of Casablanca Stock Exchange Karim Hajji, and General Manager of the Agency for National Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ADEREE) Said Mouline.
The delegation, led by minister delegate to the economy minister in charge of the budget Idriss Azami Al-Idrissi, is made up of Zakia El Midaoui, director of multilateral cooperation and international economic affairs at the foreign affairs ministry, Mohamed Fanid, Wali of the Tadla-Azilal region, governor of the Beni Mellal province, Ibrahim Bahmani, court president at the court of cassation, colonel Ahmed El Marzouki from the 3rd Air Base of the Royal Air Forces and Mohamed Toufiq Mouline from the Royal Office.
As well as Filling products such as beverages and bouillons on one and the same filling machine, the Food Option machines can fill more complex, and therefore usually higher-margin products such as veloutes or mouline soups in carton packs..