Mount Athos

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Mount Ath·os

 (mount ăth′ŏs, ā′thŏs, ä′thôs)
See Mount Athos.
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Noun1.Mount Athos - an autonomous area in northeastern Greece that is the site of several Greek Orthodox monasteries founded in the tenth centuryMount Athos - an autonomous area in northeastern Greece that is the site of several Greek Orthodox monasteries founded in the tenth century
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
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Laura, on Mount Athos, which proved to be a copy of the long suspected and wished-for choliambic version of Babrias.
Mount Athos and Red Cadeaux have used the Geoffrey Freer en route to Melbourne, as did Hamada last year, and the world's richest staying contest will surely become a tempting target for connections of the winner.
"A unique spiritual experience, awakening prayer in people, perhaps equal to one walking to Mount Athos for men."
Archbishop Chrysostomos has vehemently denied allegations that he was asked to provide financial support to one of the monasteries at Mount Athos, Greece's self-governing monastic community.
He also masterminded the early career of the talented Mount Athos.
By Barak Al-Jassar KUWAIT, Sept 16 (KUNA) -- In an unprecedented feat, a team from Kuwait University (KU) managed to discover rare manuscripts written in Arabic at Mount Athos in Greece.
Holy Men of Mount Athos provides the life stories of five saints of the Byzantine center of monasticism, Mount Athos.
MOUNT ATHOS will miss the Melbourne Cup after being ruled out for the remainder of the year with a ligament problem.
Titles shortlisted for the Dolman Travel Book Of The Year include: The Last Man in Russia: And the Struggle to Save a Dying Nation, by Oliver Bullough; The Broken Road: From the Iron Gates to Mount Athos by Patrick Leigh Fermor; Under Another Sky: Journeys in Roman Britain by Charlotte Higgins; American Smoke by Iain Sinclair; Consolations of the Forest: Alone in a Cabin in the Middle Taiga by Sylvian Tesson; and O My America!
THE BROKEN ROAD: FROM THE IRON GATES TO MOUNT ATHOS is the second half of an account of a 1933 walk across Europe by then-eighteen-year-old Patrick Leigh Fermor, and recounts the final leg of his adventure as a youth which he was unable to complete before his death in 2011.
the Stakes Dr Marwan Koukash won a third Chester Cup yesterday, and he could be back in the winner's enclosure at his favourite track on the final day of the May Festival with MOUNT ATHOS in the Boodles Diamond Ormonde Stakes (2.45pm).
Made with the wisdom of the monks of Holy Mount Athos celebrates its availability worldwide.