Mount Carmel

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Noun1.Mount Carmel - a mountain range in northwestern Israel near the Mediterranean coastMount Carmel - a mountain range in northwestern Israel near the Mediterranean coast; "according to the Old Testament, Elijah defeated the priests of Baal at Mount Carmel"
Israel, State of Israel, Yisrael, Zion, Sion - Jewish republic in southwestern Asia at eastern end of Mediterranean; formerly part of Palestine
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We had all intended to go by diligence to Damascus, and switch off to Baalbec as we went along--because we expected to rejoin the ship, go to Mount Carmel, and take to the woods from there.
``containing a portion of the true cross, brought from the Monastery of Mount Carmel.''
CANAAN he now attains, I see his Tents Pitcht about SECHEM, and the neighbouring Plaine Of MOREB; there by promise he receaves Gift to his Progenie of all that Land; From HAMATH Northward to the Desert South (Things by thir names I call, though yet unnam'd) From HERMON East to the great Western Sea, Mount HERMON, yonder Sea, each place behold In prospect, as I point them; on the shoare Mount CARMEL; here the double-founted stream JORDAN, true limit Eastward; but his Sons Shall dwell to SENIR, that long ridge of Hills.
Feast masses will be celebrated today, July 16, in several churches and Marian shrines around the country in commemoration of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, marking the 767th anniversary of the widespread devotion to Our Lady's brown scapular.
( William Husel had served as a doctor with Mount Carmel Health System, one of the largest health-care companies in Central Ohio.
The devotees, parishioners and pilgrims to the recently declared Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel are now becoming familiar with the three new emblems in the basilica-the umbraculum, tintinnabulum and papal cross keys-that signify its new status.
Emer Duffy and Killian Casey were blessed by Bishop Denis Nulty in the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
'The lockdown being implemented in the capital town of Jolo, Sulu is expected to be lifted as soon as the evidence-gathering process is completed by investigators looking into the deadly explosion at the Mount Carmel Cathedral,' Sr.
| Gladwin was born at 44 Tatton Street in Ordsall and was educated at the Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Primary School.
30 -- Sri Lanka Army, this morning, released the land belong to 'Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church,' Ottapulam RCTM School and a complete village land to house 70 families.
|A Macmillan coffee morning will take place at Mount Carmel Church vestry, Caerphilly, on Friday, September 15, from 10am until noon.