Mount Elbert

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Noun1.Mount Elbert - the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains in central Colorado (14,431 feet high)
Rockies, Rocky Mountains - the chief mountain range of western North America; extends from British Columbia to northern New Mexico; forms the continental divide
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Of which North American mountain system is Mount Elbert the highest peak?
Before getting to those cities, that water puts to use at another tour stop, the Mount Elbert Power Plant above Twin Lakes.
Mountain Name J Location Height (in feet) Archdeacons Tower Alaska 19,537 Churchill Peaks Alaska 20,161 Mount Bear Alaska 14,793 Mount Bona Alaska 16,358 Mount Elbert Colorado 14,426 Mount McKinley Alaska 20,320 Mount Rainer Washington State 14,416 Mount Whitney California 14,505 Mount Williamson California 14,389 South Peak Alaska 20,161 Mountain Name Height (in meters) Archdeacons Tower 5,955 Churchill Peaks 6,145 Mount Bear 4,509 Mount Bona 4,986 Mount Elbert 4,397 Mount McKinley 6,194 Mount Rainer 4,394 Mount Whitney 4,442 Mount Williamson 4,394 South Peak 6,145 SOURCE: 1.