Mount Etna

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Noun1.Mount Etna - an inactive volcano in SicilyMount Etna - an inactive volcano in Sicily; last erupted in 1961; the highest volcano in Europe (10,500 feet)
Sicilia, Sicily - the Italian region on the island of Sicily
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Skirting along the north coast of Sicily, passing through the group of Aeolian Isles, in sight of Stromboli and Vulcania, both active volcanoes, through the Straits of Messina, with "Scylla" on the one hand and "Charybdis" on the other, along the east coast of Sicily, and in sight of Mount Etna, along the south coast of Italy, the west and south coast of Greece, in sight of ancient Crete, up Athens Gulf, and into the Piraeus, Athens will be reached in two and a half or three days.
But for that resolution so often recalled, Clennam might have wished him in the crater of Mount Etna, in return for this civility.
TOWERING INFERNO: Mount Etna is a smouldering presence above the delightful fishing village of Giardini Naxos, near Taormina; STAR TURN: Godfather's Savoca; CHEERS: Stacey and Grenita gran
The European Commission proposes to approve assistance under the EU Solidarity Fund for Spain for damage from the oil slick caused by the sinking of the oil tanker Prestige and for Italy following the earthquake in Molisa and in the Pouilles and for the eruption of Mount Etna in October 2002 On July 16, it proposed aid amounting to Euro 8.626 million for Spain, Euro 30.826 million for the earthquakes in Italy, and Euro 16.798 million for the Mount Etna eruption.
An Air Europe flight bound for Milan was forced to return to Catania, Sicily on Wednesday 26 April minutes after take-off when the aircraft's cockpit window cracked when it was covered in a cloud of volcano ash from Mount Etna.
Ground motion near Mount Etna's Valle del Bove caldera has destabilized the caldera's western rim, report geologists who monitor movements of the Sicilian volcano.
CHRIS FROOME must raise his game on Mount Etna's bare, moonscape slopes today to give his bid for cycling's triple crown lift-off.
( Watch Mount Etna Erupt  
! Rome, Dhu-AlHijjah 22, 1434, Oct 27, 2013, SPA -- Flights into the Catania airport on the Italian island of Sicily were reduced Sunday to five landings per hour after nearby Mount Etna spewed lava and ash for the first time in six months, dpa reported.
Summary: Mount Etna has put on a stunning display of red hot lava spewing metres up into the night-time sky.
1979 A North couple were in a Sicilian hospital after being showered with red hot rocks and volcanic lava from Mount Etna. Mr Eric Harrison and his wife, Lillian, of Whitley Bay, were among 200 tourists approaching an active crater when it erupted.
While here his studies of Mount Etna and Vesuvius were published in a series of treaties up to 1783, as the death of his wife the previous year saw him inherit an immense fortune.