Mount Olympus

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Noun1.Mount Olympus - a mountain peak in northeast Greece near the Aegean coastMount Olympus - a mountain peak in northeast Greece near the Aegean coast; believed by ancient Greeks to be the dwelling place of the gods (9,570 feet high)
Ellas, Greece, Hellenic Republic - a republic in southeastern Europe on the southern part of the Balkan peninsula; known for grapes and olives and olive oil
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They threatened to make war with the gods in Olympus, and tried to set Mount Ossa on the top of Mount Olympus, and Mount Pelion on the top of Ossa, that they might scale heaven itself, and they would have done it too if they had been grown up, but Apollo, son of Leto, killed both of them, before they had got so much as a sign of hair upon their cheeks or chin.
"I made the journey down through Greece myself in an old Mercedes car with two companions to experience the sights and sounds of the country, past Mount Olympus and Delphi, and then spent time in central Athens so I could evoke a keen sense of time and place as a backdrop.
A Mount Olympus B Mount Kilimanjaro C Mount Meru D Mount Everest 14.
On top of Troodos Mount Olympus 70cm of snow were measured, and 40cm on Troodos square.
In each episode, the male and female competitors who conquer the ultimate challenge of Mount Olympus -- the consummate athletic test of speed, strength, agility and endurance -- will become a Titan.
In the case of Zeus, for instance, these are lightning, Mount Olympus and an eagle.
Lou continued to direct with curious accuracy, as if it was all second nature, and we turned on to the road to Mount Olympus.
"Some think that the government is formed on Mount Olympus where the gods of mythology live!" Riachy exclaimed, spurning attempts to "double-size" one's original size.
Tuesday in the parking lot of the Mount Olympus Resort at 1701 Wisconsin Dells Parkway.
Mount Olympus is the mythical home of the Greek gods, and you can't help thinking that when Zeus and his pals had had enough of ruling the world and wanted a quiet life, they created the beach at Paralia, which lies at the foot of Greece's highest mountain.
Gadon's malpractice is just a subplot in the shameless, shameful drama being staged at the 'Mount Olympus' annex (in Baguio City) by 'gods' who 'have feet of clay' and are just as despicable as any mortal can be.
I stand at the foothills of Mount Olympus and behold the wonders of its lofty peaks, laden with thick, white snow.