Mount Rushmore

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Noun1.Mount Rushmore - a mountain in the Black Hills of South DakotaMount Rushmore - a mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota; the likenesses of Washington and Jefferson and Lincoln and Roosevelt are carved on it
Coyote State, Mount Rushmore State, SD, South Dakota - a state in north central United States
Black Hills - mountains in southwestern South Dakota and northeastern Wyoming; sacred to the Sioux (whites settling in the Black Hills led to the Battle of Little Bighorn); site of Mount Rushmore
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1 A WOMAN was arrested trying to climb Mount Rushmore. Let's hope she wasn't hoping to chisel Trump's face next to the other presidents.
There's been a longstanding debate as to who should be on the NBA's Mount Rushmore.
Children learn about history, geography, events, and landmarks around the world, such as the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge, Kennedy Space Center, Mardi Gras, the Statue of Liberty, the Oregon Trail, Mount Rushmore, vaqueros and the American cowboys, the White House, the Amazon rainforest, son cubano music, the Eiffel Tower, the Day of the Dead, and the Ziggaurats of ancient Mesopotamia, and the projects encourage creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.
29 Where would you find Mount Rushmore? 30 How many states are landlocked?
And thanks to Mount Rushmore National Memorial, they have the opportunity to tower physically as well.
South Dakota, with its rugged Badlands terrain and Mount Rushmore, came in first thanks to low taxes and cost of living.
The show included two works depicting Mount Rushmore, two of women singing and holding farming tools (echoing the composition of Grant Wood's American Gothic, 1930), and two of men with lassos riding large steeds.
The faces of how many American presidents are carved into Mount Rushmore? 4.
We travelled through the Badlands, Black Hills and stopped at Mount Rushmore to see those epic carvings.
In the ( teaser released by ABC for "( Mount Rushmore ," Dr.