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Among the peaks that Dayondon conquered were Mount Denali in North America (2006), Mount Everest in Asia (2007), Mount Elbrus in Europe (2013), Mount Kosciuszko in the Australian continent (2014), Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa (2015), Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica (2018), and Mount Aconcagua in South America (2019).
In January, he wrote, he climbed Mount Vinson Masif, Antarctica's tallest peak.
Dayondon reached the summit of Mount Vinson in Antarctica on December 16.She was among three women to be the first Filipinas to scale Mount Everest in 2007, the tallest mountain in the world According to the post, she also climbed Mount Denali in 2006 Mount Elbrus in 2013 Mount Kosciuzko in 2014 Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015 and Aconcagua in 2018.
All that remains is Mount Denali in North America, Mount Vinson in Antarctica, and the highest mountain of them all, Everest.
"Now there is one more left -- Mount Vinson in Antarctica.
The book also contains his friend's world record of pushing a wheelchair 902 miles from the bottom of England to the top of Scotland, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Vinson.
In May last year, she climbed Mount Everest before scaling Mount Vinson Massif, the highest peak in Antarctica.
SIR Ranulph Fiennes will this week set off to climb Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica.
At the time Mr Osborne explained: "The Mount Vinson expedition will show the astonishing achievements and ambition of our wounded veterans in one of the world's toughest environments."
He wants to take on 18,000ft Denali in Alaska, the highest peak in North America, as well as Mount Carstensz in New Guinea (16,000ft, Australasia), Mount Vinson (16,000ft, Antarctica) and Aconcagua in Argentica (23,000ft, South America) over 10 months.
A number of veterans charities will benefit from funding to support visits to battlefields and help fund an expedition for wounded veterans to climb Mount Vinson in Antarctica.
He followed this first Seven Summits success with the scaling of Mount Vinson, the tallest mountain in Antarctica, reaching its peak on December 25, 2011.

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