Mount Wilson

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Noun1.Mount Wilson - a peak in the San Juan mountains of Colorado (14,246 feet high)Mount Wilson - a peak in the San Juan mountains of Colorado (14,246 feet high)
San Juan Mountains - a mountain range in southwestern Colorado that is part of the Rocky Mountains
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Keogh Davies Lowe Bryson Ledley Mount Wilson Nugent Lawrence "I have no doubt he is going to be a success - just hopefully not on the first day of the season."
Guests wore celestial colors and ate only black--caviar, baked bananas, licorice--before watching the comet from the Mount Wilson Observatory at dawn.
In Santa Cruz, firefighters worked to contain a blaze that threatened the Mount Wilson Observatory and nearby homes.
Saul Levine's Mount Wilson Broadcasters is selling a California FM.
Arp was a celebrated astrophysicist at California's Mount Wilson and Palomar observatories when he suggested that quasars are local.
Nick Bullock from Llanberis was with Greg Boswell on Mount Wilson in Canada's Rockies when the bear attacked.
Harlow Shapley became an astronomer at Mount Wilson Observatory; studied Cepheid variable pulsations.
This included people in the village of Mount Wilson, which was used as the backdrop for scenes in the recent Hollywood blockbuster "The Great Gatsby" starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
Villagers in Mount Wilson and Mount Irvine were ordered to bunker down in their homes because it was "not safe to leave" with fire cutting off access roads, while residents of nearby Bilpin were warned if they did not evacuate they could be isolated, without power, for several days.
Celestron also participated in the rare “Transit of Venus” celestial event in June with Astronomers Without Borders on Mount Wilson Observatory.