The Mountain

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(French Hist.) a popular name given in 1793 to a party of extreme Jacobins in the National Convention, who occupied the highest rows of seats.
- La montagne

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AMERICAN FORESTS joined with long-time partner The Nature Conservancy this fall to spruce up Spruce Mountain, the highest point in West Virginia and site of a Global ReLeaf Forest.
MJS-led rallies sprung up in the streets of Richmond, Lexington and Knoxville, attracting media attention with stunts like a "mountain takeover," which consisted of a handful of activists locking themselves to a barricade erected in the middle of a work road on Zeb Mountain, the largest mine site in Tennessee.
Even if we somehow succeed at staying on the mountain, the glory we experienced there all too quickly fades and feels far away.
On the day the statue was finally placed on the mountain, the word went Out that a businessman had bought the mines and they were about to be reopened.
Deborah Repass is employed by Star Mountain, the company that developed the demining support system.