Mountain blue

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(Min.) blue carbonate of copper; azurite.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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As of August, cheese fanatics on the hunt for a sharp cheddar (like the ever-popular Applewood smoked variety) a luscious double-cream brie (try the Fromage D'affinois!), or a salty, crumbly hunk of Badger Mountain Blue will be getting their fix from Pybus Cheese Shop!
Morelli's eighth book, having written two books in the Mountain Blue series, Patrolling the Catskills and A Life of Dedication.
The agreement signed between Elite Agro and Australia's Mountain Blue Orchards will see the introduction of blueberries bred and supplied by Mountain Blue Orchards into UAE farms first before branching out to other countries in the Middle East region, said a statement from the company.
The second thing you notice is the coffee bar and its resident Barista, complete with more than 100 varieties of tea and Mountain Blue coffee, closely followed by the one-off pieces of furniture - designed in-house.
"We want people to use the name Rocky Mountain blue stain instead of beetle-kill pine for obvious reasons." He said he likes to refer to the unique blue-colored wood as an "exotic domestic" species.
"Sunday Supper With Erika Bishop," features foods made with Rogue Creamery cheeses, including Cheese Sampler Plate; Potato, Celery Root and Bacon Soup With Smokey TouVelle; Roasted Sweet Potato, Parsnips and Beets on Rosemary Skewers; Erika's Echo Mountain Blue Cheese and Chicken Crpes; and Chocolate Pear Upside-Down Cake.
Game birds Ron is currently raising include yellow golden pheasant, dove (ring and diamond), partridge (philbies and barbaries), and quail (mountain blue scaled, Mexican speckled, bobwhite, dust bobs, gray bobs, partridge and huns).
Colorcoat HPS200[R] in Poppy Red and Colorcoat Prisma[R] in Mountain Blue were used in Tegral Arcline and Tegral Fineline 19 systems.
'We introduce them to Cambrian Mountain Blue Cheese too.
Ronseal Mountain Blue fence treatment, pounds 6.98 for 2.5 litres.
Some of the best are Rocky Mountain Blue in Keystone, Colo., Ravenwood Ski Lodge at Eielson Air Force Base.