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n.1.Diminutive for Mouse.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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And thou poor mousie art turned out into the cold, bleak, winter weather!--
Mousie, I Will Read to You is as gentle and soothing as a mother's hand caressing her child's cheek.
Mousie: Well half time now, going in with the momentum having scored the last goal with a penalty, need a good performance in the second leg early goals and put them to bed they want to defend make it so they can't!
As it turns out, not long after when the lion finds itself trapped and helpless in a hunter's net it is tiny little mousie that, with its propensity for gnawing through things, comes to the lion's rescue.
My dog and I like to play inside hide and seek and Find Mousie. He hunts for his hidden mouse squeaky toy in our house.
And if that is not enough to be going on with, she would like to write a sequel to Mousie Longtail,the children's book she wrote in New York back in 1978.
THE 'last minute' Endurance GB Pleasure and training ride at Slaley Forest raised PS260 for the Moorland Mousie Trust - a charity which supports the rare Exmoor pony and is close to the heart of Juliet Rogers who kindly gave permission for her venue to be used for the ride.
The fourth tale, Little Mousie is about a monstrous-looking boy with the face of a man, the body of a mouse and a magic tail.
You may have to track down stolen mousie parts to complete
JOSHUA MOUSIE, "Nonhuman Publics and Human Politics: In Defense of an Ecological Political Sphere." Adviser: Monique Deveaux.
The animals are from The Moorland Mousie Trust, a charity set up to promote and protect the rare breed, and will stay at the site for six to eight weeks.