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Designating or belonging to a Middle Paleolithic culture following the Acheulian, associated with Neanderthals and characterized by the use of flake tools.

[French moustérien, after Le Moustier, a cave in southwest France.]


(Archaeology) a culture characterized by flint flake tools and associated with Neanderthal man, found throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Near East, dating from before 70 000–32 000 bc
(Archaeology) of or relating to this culture
[C20: from French Moustérien from archaeological finds of the same period in the cave of Le Moustier, Dordogne, France]


or Mous•tie•ri•an

(muˈstɪər i ən)

of or designating a Middle Paleolithic toolmaking tradition, cl00,000–40,000 b.c., characterized by side scrapers and points and generally ascribed to the Neanderthals.
[1885–90; < French moustiérien (1873) = Le Moustier the type site, a cave in SW France + -ien -ian]


Belonging to a Paleolithic culture associated with Neanderthal man, during which tools made from flaked flint were used.
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Even the much maligned Mousterian industry can't be dismissed, contends Stanford University anthropologist Richard Klein.
It was discovered with artifacts from the Mousterian industry, a method of making flint tools linked with Neanderthals.
The Mousterian industry in al-Kalamoon consisted of flint tools used for self-defense and agriculture ranging from weapons, scrapers, shovels, lathes and spear tips, in addition to pottery.