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The way that a food or drink feels in the mouth, being primarily a response to texture but also to flavor.


the texture of a substance as it is perceived in the mouth: the wine has a good mouthfeel.


the tactile sensation a food gives to the mouth: a creamy mouthfeel.
[1980–85; Amer.]
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Readers will learn to identify the scents, colors, flavors, mouth-feel and vocabulary of the major beer styles, including ales, lagers, weissbeirs and Belgian beers.
There is a very specific taste, texture, and mouth-feel that I associate with real yogurt, which was a lunchbox staple for me as a child.
The latest addition to the company's range, Delyte 9, replaces cream and fat in a wide range of products, especially creamy sauces, whilst still ensuring the retention of body, texture and mouth-feel without loss of integrity.
In addition to offering a creamy mouth-feel in low-fat formulas, ProTake-P's water retention properties make it a suitable bulking agent in low-sugar formulations.
They were also asked to gauge the fat content in milk samples by mouth-feel.
According to the company, this technology can improve the taste and mouth-feel of drugs and can be used to support stability or deliver sustained release characteristics.
The plasticity of fats is due to crystallized material that forms a crystal network that entraps liquid oil, and many of the sensory attributes of fat and fat-structured food products--for example spreadability, mouth-feel, texture, and flavor--are strongly influenced by the physical characteristics of this fat crystal network.
The malt base is so well put together, it has wonderful mouth-feel and pleasing sweetness.
We had really never tasted anything like the Sethuraman robustas before," remarked Vournas Coffee Trading cofounder Andrew Vournas, "clean, sweet, delicate acidity and a rich buttery mouth-feel, but without the rubbery or bitter aftertaste normally found in robusta.
As the sharp, pithy grapefruit flavours suggest, this is about three quarters Sauvignon but given greater balance and a more measured mouth-feel by its blending partner.
The creamy mouth-feel of unhomogenized milk is heavenly, as is the flavor of real milk with bits of cream in it.
Texture analyzers manipulate the force-deformation data to calculate several properties related to mouth-feel.