n.1.That which moves anything.
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Verba movent, exempla trahunt [words move gently, but examples drag forcefully]' is a Latin maxim.
All of these cases, not least of which are those of the heroes mentioned by Don Quijote, exemplify Emblem 385 in Sebastian de Covarrubias Orozco's Emblemas Morales, glossing a line from Ovid: Ingenium mala soepe movent, or "Misfortunes often stir up ingenuity.
The increasing popularity and quality of the awards are shown by 13 companies who make their first appearance on the shortlist, including Bohemia Group and MNET Mobile from Australia plus Movent from the Philippines.
Globe said the incident mainly involved the defacement of four of its websites hosted by a thirdparty vendor Movent at around 10 p.
In the eternal movent, / Ye shall find yourselves again
GroupM media agencies include Maxus, MEC, MediaCom, Mindshare, QUISMA, Xaxis, Outrider, Kinetic, Quasar, IEG, Movent, Vocanic and Agency M.
3463: 'Viventia sunt quae seipsa movent ad agendum.
Balthasar: 'Diem dominicam semper teneri debere docui, at nihil me movent, quae ab apostolorum tempore usurpata feruntur, sed ea est mea sententia eaque fide sum, ut, nisi quae sacris hens scripta sunt, servanda non existimem [.
Under the deal, which hinges upon regulatory approval, the Netbooster brand in the Philippines will change name to Movent, whereas in Indonesia the agency will become part of GroupM's digital offering.
On hearing the movent played, it seemed odd that what I was hearing was a b[flat]" in place of the written a".
To them, he brought that other great maxim from the Romans back to life: verba movent, example trahunt-"words may move, but example compels.
Personalia, quae dicunt de Mahomet, me non movent, aber