Moving day

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a day when one moves; esp., a day when a large number of tenants change their dwelling place.

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But their moving day doesn't go exactly as planned and things become slightly more complicated when all of their parents show up to help.
Strategic packing Keep essential items such as clean clothing, cooking utensils and medication in a separate location for easy access on moving day.
The UN Chief expressed to the press that today's "historic day" is a very moving day for him personally, and he is touched to see so much support and political momentum to move the Agreement forward.
MOVING day is the most stressful aspect of purchasing a property, according to a survey of home buyers.
ON the traditional moving day of a golf tournament, the man rocketing away at Leopalace21 Myanmar Open was South African Shaun Norris, who after 12- under through first two rounds, shot 11- under in the third round on Saturday.
EMMERDALE (ITV, 7pm) IT'S moving day for Ashley and Laurel and disaster strikes when Laurel falls off a ladder.
Avoid slips and falls by preparing the outside of your home for moving day.
Saturday is traditionally moving day in a 72-hole golf tournament and so it proved with much nervy drama down the stretch and snakes and ladders action on the leaderboard.
3 Make your bed Do this as soon as you move in, because by the end of moving day you're likely to want to collapse in an exhausted heap
Contract Awarded for 2015-2016 Academic Year in Abdu-Bosphorus-Gere By-Cagsak Kalecik-Imran Village 18 Secondary and Iho Students of the First Vehicle and On Ash By-Flat Village 42 Secondary and Iho Students of 3 Vehicles To 180 Moving Day For.
It will be a moving day and there is a lot of stuff happening leading up to the game.
After moving from their Greenwich Village apartment, and 40 years living in their large house in Westchester while raising their three children, it is finally moving day, when they are about to start the newest chapter of their lives in Santa Barbara, California.