Moving plant

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(Bot.) a leguminous plant (Desmodium gyrans); - so called because its leaflets have a distinct automatic motion.

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As a result it is a challenging to avoid potential harm to workers on foot by moving plant or to prevent high vehicles from hitting over head structures and cables.
Mum Sandra Wright, of Sunnybank Road in Griffithstown, said she was moving plant pots filled with water at the time.
A cable is fixed on the moving plant and connected with the output link; when the DC-motor01 drives the ball screw, the output link is rotated because of the cable connected to the moving plant.
Gumlink is currently considering upgrading its Detector II equipment to the Detector III device, which offers a separate balancing kit to rebalance moving plant and machinery, as well as monitoring vibration levels.
A FLOWER which bursts open in half a millisecond has been hailed as the world's fastest moving plant after a special camera captured it in action.
Lynn worked for the railways, moving plant equipment for 38 years, while Joyce worked as a cleaner.
FACTUAL It's the ideal time to start planning for next year, so Monty's moving plants and also giving advice on how to make leaf mould from those falling Autumn leaves.
Diarmuid Gavin's British Eccentrics Garden, with all its moving plants, may set a trend on people adopting some 'Heath Robinson' quirky additions.
While the last 30 years have seen some spectacular species returns, there are many, often undocumented, failures," says Mark Stanley Price, chair of the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Task Force on Moving Plants and Animals for Conservation Purposes.
Begin by moving plants around and planting bulbs so you get the best of them next year.
Check stakes, ties, fleeces and other supports for damage and consider moving plants to sunnier positions to maximise light.