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v.1.See 4th Mow.
n. & v.1.See 1st & 2d Mow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Iban Journey by Golda Mowe is a sequel to Iban Dream, which charted the adventures of its hero, Bujang Maias, as he traveled through the merged human and spiritual worlds.
Egypt and the MOWE signed three agreements concerning the electricity interconnection project totalling $1.6bn in December 2013 in the presence of former Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi and the Minister of MOWE Abdullah Al-Hasseen.
Vicky Lacey, the school's partnership development man-|ager, pupil Travis Mowe, hospice fundraising manager Mick McCann, head girl Emilee Harris and Carly Greenfield
With the Oracle solution MoWE can deliver consistent and superior customer service, with immediate visibility into
MOWE estimates that the true cost of supplying water at SR18 ($4.80) per m., including capital costs, but excluding the cost of subsidized feedstock for SWCC's desalination plants.
Presumably Mr Mowe the groundsman celebrated with Miss Ketchup from the hot dog stand and Mr Page the programme seller.
Katie Mowe from the website said: "The results didn't surprise us.
Katie Mowe, of Dating Direct, said: "Underneath the clock at Waterloo station is a traditional daters' meeting point."
Lisa Mowe, communications officer for War-wickshire County Council, said comparisons were misleading because Warwickshire was at the top end of its "adequate" ranking, and had only just missed out on a rating of "performing well".
Michael Mowe, a local councillor, said: "It's disgusting and ridiculous.
Eight people in the group had worked together for about six months to complete the one-man aircraft, dubbed the Mowe 20 after the German word for seagull.
The research by the Road Transport Laboratory builds on previous data showing that one modern car emits less pollutants than a petrol-engined lawn mowe r.