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Noun1.Moynihan - United States politician and educator (1927-2003)
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In 2015, the NYSSCPA leadership established the Moynihan Fund as a way to recognize the contributions of recently deceased past president David J.
The redevelopment will create the new Moynihan Train Hall, which will have a retail concourse connecting Penn Station to 9th Avenue and Hudson Yards.
THERE was agony for Ireland's Gavin Moynihan as Englishman Aaron Rai beat him in the final of the Andalucia Costa del Sol Match Play 9.
Bobby Moynihan is bidding goodbye to "Saturday Night Live" after being part of the show for nine seasons.
Footage from a security camera showed the sister of actress Maritoni Fernandez, Moynihan, was still alive when she alighted from a vehicle along Temple Avenue in Quezon City early Saturday.
But in my time as a staffer, there was no man, other than Coats himself, for whom I acquired more respect than a senator whose worldview in elemental ways was almost exactly the opposite of my own: Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York.
Global Banking News-May 4, 2015--BofA shareholders to vote on Moynihan chairmanship
Officer John Moynihan, 34, was struck just below his right eye and the bullet remains lodged below his right ear.
The socalled Moynihan Report, produced by Assistant Secretary Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the winter of 1965 and published under the title "The Negro Family: The Case for National Action," is surely the only exception to that rule.
It has striking similarities to the famous Moynihan report about black families, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.