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1. A perennial aroid plant (Amorphophallus konjac) of East and Southeast Asia having a single large compound leaf, a purple or dark red spathe, and starchy corms.
2. The edible corm of this plant or the starch derived from it, sometimes used as a dietary supplement. In both senses also called devil's tongue, konnyaku.

[Ultimately from Japanese konnyaku, from Early Middle Chinese kuə̆' ŋı̷ak : kuə̆', betel leaf (also the source of Mandarin ) + ŋı̷ak, rush used to make mats (also the source of Mandarin ruò).]
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At the vocational education and training centers in the city of Artux and the counties of Shule, Wensu and Moyu, the journalists inquired in detail about the life and education of the trainees.
For example, in Moyu county alone, 40% of adults have disappeared, with family members often having no idea where their loved one is.
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The Moyu Weather Bureau in the Hotan area said on its website that Muslim employees, both active and retired, were required to sign a letter promising not to fast.
So squint your eyes and try this new carb substitute, made from a vegetable extract (moyu) and containing only 7 calories per 100g.
Vnushi, Bozhe, molitvu moyu. (Give Ear to My Prayer, O God).
According to the Chinese sources, the Jiaosiluo hailed from Wusanmi (EFEO Wou-san-mi) or Gaochang Moyu (EFEO Kao-tch'ang Mo-yu).
(21) For an analysis of Japan's aircraft technology and its effects on the war as seen from the Japanese side, see for example Kunio Yanagida, Reisen Moyu (Zero Fighter Aflame) (Tokyo: Bungei Shunjyu, 1984-1990).