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n. pl. met·i·cais (-kīsh′)
See Table at currency.

[Portuguese, from Arabic mitqāl, colloquial variant of miṯqāl, a unit of weight, from ṯaqula, to be heavy; see ṯql in Semitic roots.]


(Currencies) the standard money unit in Mozambique which consists of 100 centavos


(ˈmɛt ɪˌkæl)

n., pl. -cals, -cais (-ˌkaɪʃ)
the basic monetary unit of Mozambique.
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Noun1.metical - the basic unit of money in Mozambiquemetical - the basic unit of money in Mozambique; equal to 100 centavos
centavo - a fractional monetary unit of several countries: El Salvador and Sao Tome and Principe and Brazil and Argentina and Bolivia and Colombia and Cuba and the Dominican Republic and Ecuador and El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras and Mexico and Nicaragua and Peru and the Philippines and Portugal
Mozambique monetary unit - monetary unit in Mozambique
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The Angolan kwanza and Mozambican metical were both among the 10 biggest depreciating currencies in the world in 2016, losing 18.
S&P said that the freeze, combined with weak commodity prices, led to a significant weakening of the nominal Mozambican metical (MZN) exchange rate and a sizable decline of foreign exchange (FX) reserves-ultimately leading to forecasts of weak economic growth this year and next.
According to the AfDB, the funds will be drawn in multiple African currencies that include the Ghanaian Cedi, Nigerian Naira, the Kenyan Shilling, the Zambian Kwacha, the Mozambican Metical and the Tanzanian Shilling.