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 (mōt′särt), Wolfgang Amadeus 1756-1791.
Austrian composer noted for his graceful and imaginative refinement of the classical style. Among his 626 numbered works are symphonies, concertos, operas, Masses, sonatas, and chamber works. As a child prodigy he toured Europe with his father, the composer (Johann Georg) Leopold Mozart (1719-1787).

Mo·zart′i·an, Mo·zart′e·an adj.
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Adj.1.Mozartean - of or relating to or in the manner of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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For most of its first act, Mary Birnbaums staging of La finta giardiniera--Juilliard Opera's season opener--achieved a distinction I hadn't thought possible: it had me actually enjoying this trivial, tedious piece of Mozartean juvenilia, full of precocious mimicry of gestures not yet intellectually or emotionally fully understood.
Joining them is an ensemble of great Mozartean singers including Isabel Leonard, Angela Meade, Matthew Polenzani, Marina Rebeka, Erwin Schrott, Ramon Vargas and Rolando Villazon.
Steven Osborne, this season's CBSO artist-in-residence, was soloist, bringing a Mozartean clarity of articulation combined with well-coloured pedalling, and there was a wonderful fluidity of phrasing from all concerned.
149 (1925), is a purely Neo-Classicist work, whose first and final movements are imbued with a playful Mozartean wit, while the slow middle movement also contains romanticising tones.
427, Burnham demonstrates how Hogarth's "lines of beauty and grace" translate to the "gentle undulations" of Mozartean melodies (p.
2) "Mozartean facility of composition" (Bloom 1997: XXXIII).
I also learned that Wladziu Valentino Liberace, also called Lee Liberace, was a gifted child musician, if not quite a Mozartean prodigy At age 19, he played Liszt's formidable "A Major Concerto" with the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra.
Trevor-Roper to conceal for some time the fact that he has not yet produced a sustained book of mature historical scholarship." Taylor actually liked Trevor-Roper's finest efforts, even calling Trevor-Roper's style "Mozartean," and remained as baffled as posterity has been by how much time Trevor-Roper wasted on grubby administrative intrigue, on anti-Catholic hatred that would disgrace a Klansman with 11 fingers, on unhinged JFK conspiracy theories, on truckling to Harold Macmillan, or preferably on all four pastimes at once--even before the fiasco in which he "authenticated" the fraudulent "Hitler Diaries" made him a global laughingstock.
Robbins Landon described it as 'the most intimate, most profound, of all the mature Mozart portraits--the only one, really, to catch the ambivalent nature of Mozart's mercurial mind and to show the profoundly pessimistic side of his many-sided genius', whereas the early 20th-century French Mozartean Theodore de Wyzewa remarked on its 'fresh and delicate juvenile beauty'--despite the fact that it is not even certain when it was painted.(3) It seems hardly likely, however, that the traditional Mozart portraits are the only authentic ones.
1 (an homage to Mozart), is notable for its blending of Mozartean musical forms with what, to my ears, sounded like quite Russian themes, an odd combination.
By the second movement the group had moved well beyond early Mozartean parameters and was tiptoeing into Berlioz country, but the result was so magical and transformative that one could only sigh, "Yes, of course!"
If Hummel had managed nothing else, he would continue to warrant attention for his almost Mozartean precocity.